Simply put, social media marketing has changed the way businesses market themselves online.  A solid social media campaign can help your business tremendously.  It seems as though just about everyone participates in social media in some way or another (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc.).  Here are a few reasons it is becoming more and more unwise to ignore the rise of Social Media on the internet.

It’s Where The People Are:  Did you know Facebook has over 1.4 BILLION active users and is still growing fast, many of them logging in daily (and probably spending way too much time there, but that’s another story)?  Or how about YouTube – – it’s the 3rd most visited site on the internet (after Google and Facebook).  And Twitter, have you sent your “tweet” today?  Your potential customers are checking theirs.  Looking to make more professional contacts and network with them?  Then it’s time to get LinkedIn.  And that is just the most well known social media outlets, there are actually countless others to be brought into the mix.

Build Relationships and Trust:  Social media sites are where people go to share and hang out with other like-minded people.  It can be counter productive to employ in-your-face marketing there, but it is a great place to get people talking about you, provide helpful information about your business and build goodwill, monitor the market landscape and find out what your customers really want.  Potential customers may be referred to you or stumble across you, and existing customers will appreciate the opportunity to interact with you in a more interesting and personal venue.  This is how you build your brand and reputation so that you are the “go to” business when prospects are looking for what you have to offer.

Go Viral and Spread Like Wildfire:  The great thing about many social media sites is the way information and favorites are passed around.  A good piece of content can take on a life of its own, encouraging visitors to check out what you have to say, and hopefully your website, if it is of interest to them (and if it is not of interest, why would you want them to visit anyway?).

Engage Your Visitors:  The reason social media is so popular is that it is interactive.  Its users are encouraged to participate in conversations and enjoy the multimedia expressions of other users.  This offers your business an opportunity to engage your potential customers in a way that just cannot be done in a static advertisement.

Web Marketing Rx can help you build a strong and positive presence on the internet through the strategic use of social media: build your brand, enhance your reputation, expand your reach and stay front of mind with your existing customers.  We offer starter packages and full social media management plans to keep your prospects engaged and your customers coming back.

Facebook Fan Pages

So where do you begin?  To start, it is becoming almost mandatory to have a Facebook fan page.  A fan page goes beyond just having a profile on Facebook and posting updates to a “wall.”  A Facebook fan page is now a mini website in itself, and your customers and prospects will expect you to have one almost as much as they expect you to have a website on the internet.  Large corporations are doing it, perhaps it is time for you to have a professionally designed Fan page posted too if you want your business to be taken seriously.

Facebook Fan Page Design is the key to your Social Marketing activities.  With Facebook growing at an exponential rate, allow us to develop a custom lead-generating Fan Page package for your business.  If you are not sure about why your business might need a Fan page, check out the “Why social marketing?” video. (It is actually entertaining and features some enlightening statistics)

The main power of Facebook is that content can easily go viral.  People recommend things to their friends and their friends act on it.  The Share, Invite and Like features of Facebook can also be used by us to leverage more customers to your business.

To be effective, your Facebook presence needs to be actively updated.  We can provide full service with affordable options that allow you to leave the hard work to us while you concentrate on dealing with the new leads you get through Facebook.

Video Marketing

Don’t underestimate the power of video marketing.  People absolutely love video, and this presents an opportunity for you.  You don’t need long or lavishly produced videos to take advantage of this trend, you just need to capture attention and make your point.  A concise effective video can be posted to YouTube and a dozen other popular video sharing sites and be driving traffic and building your brand in no time.

Web Marketing Rx can produce a high impact video, publish it across multiple platforms and promote it so that it is seen by prospects who may be interested in your product or service.  Google loves to show relevant videos on the first page of search results, so this is another opportunity to showcase your business to people searching for what you have to offer.


Twitter is a wildly popular “micro blogging” platform that allows real time updates and announcements to your followers, and also has a viral effect built in. and so should be integrated with your general social media marketing plan.


LinkedIn is a social network that caters more to professionals.  It is another large and growing venue (beating both eBay and Bing in visitors) that can lead to more customers, partners and contacts that can help you grow your business and expand your marketing.  It is another way to branding and networking that should not be ignored, especially for certain types of businesses.

There are, of course, many more social media platforms out there, too many to mention and more popping up all the time.  Once your business is established on the major social media sites, Web Marketing Rx will find the best, most relevant additional social sites, depending on your particular business, and help you to develop a presence on those as well.