Customer acquisition and retention are basic business needs that can be accomplished using internet marketing techniques.

Email Marketing

It is well known in the business community that it is easier and more profitable to keep your current customers coming back than it is constantly searching for new customers.  Despite this, many local businesses have no way to follow up with their customers once they walk out the door.  One inexpensive and effective remedy for this is to set up and implement an email marketing campaign.

We understand that many small business owners don’t know where to begin and do not have the resources to properly plan a campaign – – come up with an email list building strategy, set up and maintain an automated email system and compose messages designed to keep the customer interested and encouraging them to return or refer others to the business.  That’s why Web Marketing Rx is prepared to set up and manage, if necessary, an email marketing campaign designed to get results at an affordable price.

Lead Generation

That being said, new customers are the lifeblood of any business, especially when it comes to higher priced items and services.  At Web Marketing Rx, we specialize in creating websites specifically for lead generation purposes.  These websites are not your general purpose, informational company branding sites, but rather are specifically designed with one goal in mind – – to get the contact information of a highly qualified lead.

If you can turn a lead into a customer, our lead gen sites can handle finding prospects and turning them into leads.  We offer several payment options – – pay per lead, lease the lead generation site by the month, or purchase the site outright and manage the traffic yourself, or let us drive traffic to the site for you.