The web encompasses a lot of territory and it is important to make sure your company brand is well represented wherever it is found.  Fortunately, getting your company out there and managing the conversations regarding your company does not have to be difficult, if you know where to look and what kind of strategies you can use.  Effective brand building and reputation management can require action in a variety of areas.  Web Marketing RX is here to assist you in any of the following ways to make sure your company gets lots of exposure in a favorable light.

Press Releases

Well crafted online press releases submitted to the right press release distribution publishers are a great way to keep your company in the public eye and drive traffic to your website, and can give your website a boost in rankings too.

Article Publishing

Publishing relevant and informative articles to the best article directories can do the same.  The articles will be viewed on the directories themselves and may be picked up by other web publishers looking to provide their readers the kind of information you supply.  Those articles will conveniently point readers back to your website!

Web 2.0

There are countless websites that encourage users to create their own space to publish whatever content they are interested in.  We can take advantage of those sites by publishing articles, pictures and videos to further expand your company’s visibility on the internet.  Some of these websites are very popular and get a lot of traffic daily.

Review / Reputation Management

Whether you like it or not, people will offer their opinions of your business on the internet.  While you cannot control the content of those reviews, you can usually tactfully respond to and remediate the negative comments, as well as encourage and respond to the positive ones.  Online reviews can have a major impact on how your company is perceived and actually lead to lost or additional sales.  Whether and how well you manage online reviews can make a real difference on your bottom line.

Content Publishing

Publishing fresh content to your website keeps it relevant in the eyes of the search engines and in the eyes of your visitors.  It also provides more ways for new visitors to find your site.  Web Marketing Rx can help you come up with content your visitors will find interesting and professional, and optimize it to bring you qualified leads for visitors.


Creating a blog on your own site and posting to it frequently is an accelerated way to get the benefits of content publishing.  It is a way to develop and keep interest in your website and encourage participation from your visitors.  Even if you choose not to actively blog on your own site, you can guest post for other established bloggers to further expand your company’s reach across the web.

Online Video

Video isn’t just for TV anymore.  Technology has lowered the cost of producing high quality video and made it more and more accessible to internet users, not only on computers but on mobile devices and smart phones as well.  Video captures your viewer’s attention, and everything seems more attractive and important when seen in video.  Short, fast paced videos can introduce you to your customers, highlight your best features, provide social proof using testimonials, or develop the pain of your customer’s problem and recommend your solution.


Do you really want to be known as the leader and the expert in your field?  How about publishing your own authoritative book, with you as the author?  With technologies developed by Amazon and Kindle, it is now achievable and cost effective to set yourself apart from your competitors.  If you are ready to dominate your market and have prospects seeking you out to do business with you, ask us about our publishing plan.  This is a relatively new and highly effective service that certain kinds of businesses can leverage to great advantage.